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"The Benedict b1 distortion pedal is a game changer for me. Other pedals I've used get overloaded by the wide frequency ranges from a bass guitar and inevitably either highs or lows get smashed out of focus. The benedict b1 keeps all frequency ranges fluid and present with screaming sustain and dense tonality when used on chords as well as single notes. few pedals have this sort of musicality."-Dylan Desmond of Bell Witch 

"Having my Ouroboros built by Dylan Benedict was a magnificent experience from start to finish. The level of craftsmanship and customer service that was exemplified was of the finest degree. Dylan communicated with me along the whole process and made sure that the amplifier was exactly the way I envisioned it to look and sound. In the end, the amp exceeded every one of my expectations. If you are in the market for an amplifier, Benedict Amplification is the one." - Kurt from "Lyran" - 100 watt Ouroboros w/fx loop
Lyran - And I Love Her

"So much gain. So much low end. Punches way above its weight class in terms of watts. I'd put my Cerberus up against anything. No questions." -Kevin"Hatchet" from "Dehiscent" 
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"Dylan makes tools of absolute darkness. The tones I'm able to get out of his stuff are unreal. I went through some really well thought-of boutique amps on my way to Benedict Amps-I just couldn't hear my personal tone in them. I just sold the last one to get yet another Benedict." - Dustin Cleary, "Blackstaff" Ouroboros 50w and Cerberus 120w
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"I met Dylan at a gear demo put on by Congregation at the Substation in Seattle, Fall of 2022. I was able to test out the Cerberus bass head and was sold on it immediately. The power and tone that comes out of this thing (even without pedals) is insane. Dylan is great and super easy to work with and his product would stand up with anything out there. GET ONE OF THESE AMPS" - Matt, "WET TEMPLE"
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Congregation is a traveling gear demo expo extravaganza run by Kevin Brighton. Check it out to try my amps in person and a ton of other amazing gear.
Congregation interview on Guitar Knobs
Congregation at Uberbeatz Studio

Deconsecration featured two of my amps on most recordings and live performances. 

In Cascades is my solo project. This video is from my first live performance. All sounds are amplified by my Maelstrom combo.