order from chaos

Average build time is  approximately 10-12 weeks. This doesn't include any queue time.

Lead time depends on the length of the queue. If you are concerned about how long the wait is, please email me before you order. 

All orders are fulfilled in the order they were received.

Please read POLICIES page before ordering, and to see a current approximate lead time.

When ordering, simply select the amplifier you prefer, and any available customizations, and continue to checkout. After checkout you will receive an email from me with several questions about you, your playing style, preferred finish color, etc. I will also let you know where your amp is in the queue so you know when you can expect it to be finished. 

At checkout you will have the ability to pay via Paypal or Stripe. Both of those vendors have the option to make payments. 

All of the amplifiers have some customization included in their base price (color for example). If there is a customization that you would like, but don't see it listed, please reach out to me and I will let you know if it is something I can accommodate. See PRICES page for more customization details.