b1 (choose your own colors) please allow 2 weeks

b1 (choose your own colors) please allow 2 weeks

The b1 is a handmade four transistor fuzzstortion pedal with switchable clipping, switchable coupling capacitors, and a flat tonal response. Designed with low tuned guitars and bass in mind, it has a very open and organic uncompressed sound.

The pedal is based on the 1975 era Ram's head Big Muff, the Colorsound Tone Bender, and my own circuit modifications. Just like my amplifiers, I use high end components such as Switchcraft jacks, Gorva and Carling switches, Mallory, Cornell-Dubilier, and Vishay capacitors, and Alpha potentiometers to provide reliability and sonic integrity.

The presence of the Big Muff sound is undeniable, but I have added mids back into the tone circuit which give the pedal more usable range. In addition, the other modifications I've added allow the pedal to be dialed into more distortion territory as well as the fuzz that one would expect from a Big Muff type circuit. It works equally well for bass or guitar.

Included in purchase:

*Choice of enclosure color (12 options)
*Choice of anodized aluminum knob color (10 options)
*Adhesive rubber feet
*Laser etched artwork front and back
*Lifetime warranty